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[02 Dec 2003|06:52am]
I got Chris a live journal--jcash_fanatic
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[14 Sep 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | sad ]


Poor Sam.

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[13 Sep 2003|03:02pm]
I thought I'd never make this friends only, but I think I have to...only temporarily. sorry :o(
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Yesterday [13 Sep 2003|10:24am]
[ mood | energetic ]


I got up late…again. So I didn’t have time to dry my hair. :o(

During chemistry we went down to the computer lab. Ashley, Matt and I had no idea what we were doing.

I burned my tongue at lunch :o( But then We all went outside to watch the guys play baseball in gym. Michelle and I were talking about how he runs. Craig turns around and is like “Bridget, who do you like?” me: Pat…*giggle* Craig: “No really, who do you like?” me: PAT! Craig: “Alright who do you think is hot?” Me: “Aaron Grant!” Well then I got bored and we all decided to go inside.

The English test was really easy!

So was the math test. Mr. Billings has something he calls a ‘math drill’ where for one minute you go to and ask other people the questions you don’t understand.

Laura joined our gym class. Laura, Ashley and I were playing soccer against Randy, Pierce and Jacen. “Why are there never leaves on the track…oh wait there’s no trees!”

Pat and I were just staring at the clock in Italian, finally it was 2:15, but everyone got out earlier :o(

The bus ride there I taught Pat what we’ve done in chemistry so far. And he looked like he got it. So I hope he doesn’t drop! :-p

We got to Stony Brook. The girls walked down to the water (‘tradition’ :o) ) Then we had to run back to see the boys start, but we were about 30 feet away and that stupid man says GO! :o( Leo came in first! And Pat got a medal. The girls ran really well! :o) As well as the Varsity B boys. The girls went back down to the water, I asked Pat to come with me. We walked in the water! It’s so beautiful down there. I’m so glad Pat came!!! :o) It was great. We walked back, got awards then left.

We went out to dinner. Pat went to Save-A-Lot and bought a half gallon of milk, drank that and a half pound of chips. As Pat and I were walking back to the bus Pat leans over and throws up (shouldn’t of had the milk!) So yeah we waited for him to get cleaned up then went back to the bus. He bought a glass flower and put it on my seat! He’s so cute!

Bus ride home was fun :o)

Then we got to the school and the football game had just ended! :o( So Michelle and I ran into the wrestling room and then my the locker room to try and find ‘you know who’. Pat came to, I don’t think he wanted to be there though. We used code names (haha) Ben, Jerry and Pat was Joey. Then we walked to the Buckners, on the way walking through a crowd of ghetto kids. Finally go there, it was Matt, Craig, Sam, Sam Chris, obviously Tim and Laura, I can’t remember who else. Pat taught me how to throw a football, the right way so we ‘played catch’ across the street. Then we toasted marshmallows, well I didn’t I had Pat toast mine, he gets it perfect! Then Andrew, Robbie, Liz, Kayla, Giulio and Mike stopped by. Pat drove Craig’s car (well tried).

Michelle and I left. I had to pick something up at my aunts house then we dropped Michelle off.

I have to call Michelle at like 1 to see what are plans are for today. Someone said something about going to the Irish store for TATOES! haha

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[12 Sep 2003|08:24am]
In BABCA, I haven't seen Pat yet, I hope he's here, he really needs to run!

This class is quite boring, but it is so easy.

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[11 Sep 2003|07:29pm]
After school Pat and I walked down to Hendy's. Started my math homework, because I have so much work tonight. Then Pat had to go drop Zachary off, so I went to the locker room to do homework. Ended talking with the girls, but I did get my math done. But I still have an insane amount still to do.

School was pretty good. Josh came to visit! And Ashley ripped her pants, and had to wear my shorts for the rest of the day.

Went to practice, we we're supposed to do three perimeters. Pat told me not to run, because of my hip (and so did Emma, and well a lot of people), but coach wanted me to try it to see if I would be able to run tommorow...well I'm not! :o( Pat was mad because I didn't listen to him, so he stormed off after we had our little team meeting about tomorrows race. I caught up to Pat and we cleared everything up.

While waiting for my ride, I talked with the guys, then finally my dad showed up!

Chanel called, talked to her for a second. She has turned into such a bad kid now. Today she skipped school to go make out with Will at the mall. HELLO! Thats what stairwells are for! :-p Finished my math bonus stuff for tomorrows test. Called Pat. Now I have to finish the rest of my homework, and study for the two tests I have tommorow.

We get out at 2:15 tomorrow. :o)

MY MISSION: I have to teach Pat whats going on in chemistry by Monday, or else he's dropping! I will not fail!


Michelle and I need to go buy some fish!

"Wow, this is better than sex!!!"
-Mr. Billings, while doing a math problem!
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[11 Sep 2003|08:29am]
I'm in BABCA right now, so this probably won't be too long.

Well Pat put the cutest card in my locker, because I've been pretty uspet lately because of my mom. He is so cute! I love him!

Well in forum we had a little thing for September 11th.

The bell just rang...
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[10 Sep 2003|07:25pm]
Today was pretty good. I got an 8/9 in chemistry. But I couldn't go with Pat to drop his brother off after school because I needed to see Mr. Billings. But oh well. After school Sam, Michelle, Emma and I were in the locker room, oh my God! It was so funny, we were all laughing so hard! It was great. HIPS! It's disgusting, I really can't look at her! yuck! Then we all headed for practice. Emma and I had to stay inside and run :o(. Damn hips. I'm running tomorrow no matter what they say! After practice Emma and I had to ice, and I tied to bags of ice together so I didn't have to hold them, becuase obvioiusly they were cold, yet they were still where they needed to be. It was raelly one of the best inventions! And none of you better take my idea! Then I left, because we got a late start and it was already 5:30, and nobody was back yet.

Tomorrow is Brittany's birthday! (And Zachary's) We will probably only do 3 miles, because it's a day before a race.

Friday, we get let out of school a little early because the bus leaves at 2:30. Then I heard we're going out to eat afterwards. And Michelle is determined to make it back on time for the football game *hehe*

I was supposed to leave about 10 minutes ago...shit!
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[09 Sep 2003|08:18pm]
[ mood | tired/frustrated!!!! ]

Today started out pretty bad. I had to tell Pat something, and I really didn't want to. I didn't want to tell him until after his race, so he wouldn't worry or anything, but he has this talent where he can get anything out of you. IT'S TERRIBLE! So I told him, and it wasn't that bad.

For lunch, Pat and I went out for pizza.

The day was going pretty well, then I heard Emma couldn't run, so we had three girls running today. SORRY!

Yeah, then the meet came, and everything went downhill from there! I didn't make it to the line quite as soon as I should have, for the boys race, and I don't think Pat was too happy. Then for the girls race, we did our shark thing then I went to the table and just waited for htem to finish, because I really couldn't move any more. My hip hurts so bad. So I sat with Andrew for the race, which was kind of akward, because I really don't talk to him much, so we just talked of random quick things. But Pat says hes a 'good kid' so yeah. After the meet, we had to wait on the bus for about an hour for Bathgate. And these four kids were playing with the stop sign on our bus and Mrs. Young put out the stop sign, it was so funny. And then Pat stole my CD player on the way back so Michelle and I decided to perfect our ghetto slang, and did a little bit of singing. :o)

THEN! I got home, and my mom just started bitching at me. I didn't know what to do, I called Pat and just broke down. It was terrible. I really can not stand her anymore. I hate her. (And I know hate is a strong word!)So I talked with Pat for while. And figured out that I can have that Italian kid help me with the italian homework and then Pat helpd me with chemistry, and the rest I can handle.

I felt so bad about not running today, but I really had no choice, coach wouldn't let me. And when I went to the line and I saw that we only had three girls, I felt terrible! I am never taking a day off again. No matter what they say!!!!

Tomorrow, school will probably be okay, what I have after school is whats going to kill me! :o(


1.) Live with my grandparents. Promblem: I'd be a burden, because of all their health issues, I don't want to be in the way!

2.) Move in with my aunt. Plus: I can help out with the baby. Negative Part: I'd be in the city, and she'd have to drive me everyday back and forth from ER.

I buy a car, don't even have to know how to drive IT, just get it parked somewhere and live out of it, just knock on peoples door if I really gotta pee!

I think I'm going with option 3! I just really can't stand my mother anymore! Seriously...

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[08 Sep 2003|09:12pm]
School was fine. Except the school part! I tried to drop chorus but I can't because I need a note and my mom won't sign it! WHAT THE FUCK! I have to take the class, not her, why does it matter! Lunch was hilarious though! I really, really don't want to take chorus. And I need a study hall and a lunch, so that leaves no room for my voice lesson, so I'll have to skip, like last year. And thats t good for my average!

In the morning Pat gave me his senior pictures to choose from, which took me forever! And also gave me the money I needed, plus more for lunch...

For practice we went to Meandon East. All the hills, really messed up my hip and around the 1 1/2-2 mile mark, my hip just died! It hurt so bad. And Sam said she wouldn't let me run, and neither would Pat, but I was going to anyways, because if I don't then we don't count since we only have 5 girls (including me). But then coach said I shouldn't run, to rest for Sectionals. THIS SUCKS! I really hate this, and I feel really quilty. I don't know what to do!

After practice Pat and I went to Page's room, Hendy was there too. Had a little 'discussion' about Pat and I. (haha) I tried leaving, and they yelled at me (literally) really loud. Finally about 10 minutes after I was supposed to be home I just ran out. It was interesting though, and I think Pat was still talking to them when I left...that should be great.

And I really need help with chemistry, and Pat's not home...I'll just wait until 3rd period. But I did get all my homework done for Wednesday and Thursday, well in the classes they gave homework early in.

I hope tomorrow will be better, but it probably wont be because I CAN'T RUN! And I hate to admit it, but I really like the course. Everyone hates it becasue of the hills, but I kind of like it. And we came to the conclusion that in the middle of the night they've been adding dirt to the hills! And we didn't have much time wot decide, or make anything to where during school for out meet so we're just making necklaces that will be our school colors! And after the meet tomorrow, we're getting together to look at ordering shirts, or making them, and a warm up CD (which we forgot about!) and watching Gilmore Girls! haha
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[07 Sep 2003|07:33pm]
MY MOM AND I WENT OUT TO DINNER!!!! We bonded! We never get along, but today, WE DID!!!!! I'm so happy!
Well my brother and my dad, and a bunch of my uncles and cousins went to the bills/patriots game today, so it was just my mother and I! We went out to dinner once she got back, at Applebees. Then we went to Center Park to see Ms. Miller sing. Not much of a day spent together, but you don't understand, we NEVER spend time together!

Just got a phone call, I guess the game was pretty wild, because my uncle got arrested! Well not like really serious but this..I don't know...CRAZY!

Tomorrow we're going to Mendon East to check out the course. i'm really nervous, because of my hip. :o( Then theres a feild hockey game, if Pat doesn't have to work I may stay for it, also if I don't have a lot of homework.
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[07 Sep 2003|12:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Pat is giving me the money that I need. He won't let me pay him back...BUT I WILL!


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HELP [07 Sep 2003|10:08am]
Rest of my phone bill: $40
Money needed by tomorrow: about $60

It’s really hard to come up with $100 when I don’t work! :o(

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~Yesterday~ [07 Sep 2003|10:06am]
I picked up Michelle, went to Ashley's. Stayed there for a little while. Got Caela then walked to Wegmans. On the way we saw Aaron Grant *LOL* Bought some ice cream, and some candy for Caela. Stopped by Pat’s, he wasn’t home, and somehow it’s going to be my fault. We saw the lights on at the school so we went to see what was going on. There was a little kid football game so we got spoons for our ice cream then walked back to Ashley’s. Sat in her kitchen, listening to music, and I played with fire! And talked about Halloween. (haha) Caela, Michelle and I left. We saw these really scary kids on the sidewalk. We got really freaked out and ran up the street! Then Caela went home. Michelle and I were talking about how we hate it when people, while driving, slow down next to you, as Mrs. Gonzales does, now that scared me! Michlle and I got to her house, went down to the basement where Elise, Mike, Joe, Ben and Matt were for a little. Then I left.
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[06 Sep 2003|06:42pm]

sweetlilbabs: yeah what do you want to do

animalcracker264: lol we could go steal a trampoline and jump on it

animalcracker264: k and on the way we could bring a cdplayer and put it on our shoulders and blast the music

bon soir cheri X: get filthy drunk and pick up male prostitutes!

What a fun night we have planned! :o)
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[05 Sep 2003|09:27pm]
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thats weird!

Yesterday morning I got dropped off at Caela's with Ashley, then got a ride with Kristina. Met up with Pat before forum. Chemistry, we had a lab so it was TWO PERIODS, I can't even handle one. The lab was easy, it was a scavenger hunt around the room, to get to know where things are. Matt had already done it the other day, so the things we couldn't find we got from him. :-p After school Pat and I went to pick up my film, since it wasn't ready during lunch. We drove around for a while. Pat stopped in the back of wegmans and says "you wanna learn how to drive?!" And then I told him I'd hit the poll in front of us, so he turned the car around and says "what poll!?" haha Well I really didn't want him new car to end up in any poll, and its a stick shift thing, so I refused! We drove around some more then we went to practice. Michelle and I did out ghetto walk, that really messes up your hip! I couldn't practice, so I just went on the bikes, but then I got really bored and ran around (inside) the school, but people kept stopping and talking to me. I got really annoyed and met up with the guys who were running outside, around the school and ran with them. I changed then met back up with Pat, hung out with him for a while. Went to the football game, went to my cousins party. Then I came back home, and then we walked around for awhile.

I'm talking with Chanel right now, shes getting her permit on Monday. That's scary. I'm going to Kevin's today, then spending time with Pat. Then I have no idea!
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**school....HELL** [04 Sep 2003|06:39pm]
Today, basically sucked! But Pat made me lunch, so that was a plus! :o) Then after school Pat and I were talking and I look out the window and I see my dream car drive by. I interupted him and just pointed and said "I want that one!". But the day before, I was flipping out because whenever Pat sees a car he stops talking/listening to me and just walks away and stares at it and starts talking about it! It's so annoying, and I did the same thing today, and he gave me the whole speech I gave him earlier...haha it was funny though. Then, well it was practice time! My hips hurt so bad during our, I think 3 mile course. And we were supposed to do a hard mile onthe track afterwards and I couldn't. I felt like such a slacker, but I really couldn't. And I feel terrible becasue we only have 5 girls, and if we lose anyone...we're done. And I don't want to be responsible for that. I went inside with Pat, iced for a little. Then noticed the time and went to the locker room and then left. Around 8:30 (when Pat gets out of work) we are going to do our chem homeowrk together...again. And Michelle has to explain the bottom to me, because we definatly didn't go over that!

Tomorrow: School > Practice > Shower > Cousin's party > football game > Then going to spend time with Pat :o)

My hip hurts so bad, so I'm going to lay down until 8ish.
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[03 Sep 2003|07:48pm]
Well, about the whole wake up at 5:15 thing...well I was up but I didn't actually move until about 6. So I took a quick showered, had tea and rushed the rest of the morning. Got to Caela's with Ashley, and Mrs. Moore took pictures. lol It was so cute! We walked to school, met up with the guys. Had a long ass assembly. It was pointless too.


1-BABCA (I think I'm dropping, but Pat said it was easy, so I think I might just stick with it)

2-Global History (So excited!!! seriously. I hate anything having to do with social studies, but with Mrs. Sheehan it will be so easy!)

3-Chem Lab/Study Hall (Study hall, they have over 200 kids in there, and today they tried putting us alphabetically...DUMB)

4-Chemisty (Everyone is in that class! It is so crazy. And Pat's changing and is going to be in there too!!! :o) )


6-English (Forgot the textbook, so I have to do the homework in study hall or lunch)

7-Math (No one is in that class, it sucks!)


9-Italian III

After practice, I met up with Pat. We went to the soccer game. Came home, called him and we did our chemistry homework together. Thank God, because I wouldn't have done it. Now I'm going to try to get to the varsity soccer game.
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[02 Sep 2003|09:03pm]
spitfire 9952: will you do me a favor
spitfire 9952: plzzz
sweetlilbabs: sure
sweetlilbabs: what?
sweetlilbabs: I HATE YOU
spitfire 9952: L!OL!O!!OL!O!L!


sweetlilbabs: i dont know, its dramatic
Whi tE Bal lA 20: like u?

I'm not dramacic...right!?

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[02 Sep 2003|08:53pm]
Today was a very, very crazy day! The girl I was babysitting thought there was a burglar in the house and flipped out! UGH!!! Whatever, so then I went to practice. We did 4x400s then we did 10 hills, but each one had two hills, so technically it was 20 hills. I did, I guess pretty well. I didn’t feel bad but after…yeah I didn’t feel too grand. Then I hung out with Pat for a while. Then got home, showered, talked with Pat. Called Ashley about meeting up before school tomorrow. I decided I need to make a plan to be able to get up and at Caela’s house on time. So here is what I plan to do…

5:15-WAKE UP
5:45-Actually start moving
6:30-get ready
7:15-be at Caela’s house
and hopefully be at school (7:35)

haha! I'll be late but whatever
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